• Good Light Transmission
  • Wipe Clean Surface
  • Fast to Install
  • Lightweight
  • Long Life Span
  • Easy to Cut to Size
  • High Strength

Protective Desk and Workspace Social Distancing Isolation System

Deskisolate is created to empower employers to protect their employees with individual workspaces within open-plan offices without losing the visual feel, light and sound of an open plan office.

DeskIsolate® is a simple quick-start desk isolation pod system designed to help reduce the risk of viruses spreading in an office environment and protect your workforce from illness or fear of illness due to work attendance. With DeskIsolate® it is easier to retain the compact efficiencies of closer desk spaces and maintain the bright and transparent look and feel of an open-plan office, but at the same time help your team to stay protected in a much better way!

This is one more crucial step you can take to protect your team from COVID-19 in a greater way! These full height desk screens can even be installed by your own team. The office screens will give your team confidence that they will be safer, where it is essential that they return to work after a lockdown period, or if they already have to work due to being on a team of critical supply services.

Manufactured to suit a wide range of desk styles DeskIsolate® is easy to implement in a wide range of workspace styles without complicating structures or complex installation. Due to a simple design, DeskIsolate® is easy to install, with an easy number of components and no technical skill required. In fact, we believe the installation of a single POD can take less than 5 minutes from start to finish!

Through DeskIsolate you can both restart your businesses workforce and help protect your employee’s good health and wellbeing, ongoing.


  • Reduces Human to Human contact
  • Provides a Protective Screen for staff
  • Maintains high Light Transmission
  • Fast to Install
  • Easy to Implement
  • Provides Ambient Working Environment
  • Fully Wipe-able
  • 100% recyclable

Common uses

  • Open Plan Offices
  • Production Working Areas
  • Work Stations
  • Call Centres
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