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About Clear Amber

We are leading Global Manufacturers of unique innovative products including Roofing Sheets, Glazing Bar Systems, Guttering Systems, and Aluminium Decking Systems. Our most popular ranges include clear polycarbonate sheets, aluminium glazing bars, and corrugated plastic roof sheets.

At Clear Amber our Teams have a passion for designing, creating and manufacturing globally-renowned systems and products which save time and money. Specialising in the manufacture of Roofing, Glazing, Guttering, and Decking Systems we aim to innovate products that improve aesthetics, enhance functionality, increase performance, increase longevity, and make installation faster and easier.

Our Mission is simple; Manufacturing Your Leading Advantage. Working through Distributors, we deliver these products and service advantages to fabricators, construction companies, large and small trades, DIYers and end users across the globe.

We listen to feedback from our Distributors and their Customers. From this valuable feedback our in-house Teams of Designers, Engineers, Web & Systems Coders, Photographers, Videographers, Production Operators, and Manufacturing & Machine Technicians, continuously strive to design and manufacture market-leading products and systems; This is how we manufacture your leading advantage.

Our end-to-end specialist Order Management and Customer Care software systems have been developed by our in-house teams of IT, software and web code technicians. Each System is designed to provide a highly personal experience for every customer whilst ensuring our Customer Care Teams can scale communications as close to real-time as possible, connecting with and meeting the needs of every single buyer’s journey.

We’re passionate about continuing our journey of Manufacturing Your Leading Advantage.

Our ranges are manufactured in various broad silos as set out below:

Roofing Sheet Manufacturing:

Whether you are completing a domestic or commercial roof project, we manufacture a wide range of roof sheeting to suit your requirements. Plastic roof sheets are a great cost-effective roofing sheet option for Trade, DIY and commercial projects due to their ease of installation and durability.

Our popular Axiome® Polycarbonate Roofing sheets are available in Multiwall and Twinwall options in a wide range of thicknesses, including 4mm, 6mm, 10mm, 16mm, 25mm, 35mm and more! Axiome Polycarbonate Sheets are lightweight with excellent rigidity and strength ratios to provide excellent spanning capabilities. We manufacture Axiome Polycarbonate sheets to provide a very strong impact-resistant glazing sheet solution for many applications. Axiome roof glazing sheets are used in canopies, carports, rooflights, covered walkways, BBQ Shelters, covered play areas, and shelters, as well as many vertical screens and glazing options. 

Another popular sheet choice for roof sheet options is our Axgard® Solid Polycarbonate Sheets. Axgard sheets are virtually unbreakable and are a common clear plastic sheet choice for many applications such as pergolas, greenhouse plastic glass, skylights, bike shelters, roof lights, bus shelters, commercial canopy glazing, covered walkways, security glazing, shelters and gazebos. With its 'glass look', the Axgard Clear Polycarbonate sheeting brings superior clarity and quality without the dangers of shatter risk of glass or other plastics like acrylic sheets. We manufacture Axgard Polycarbonate Sheets in many standard thicknesses from 2mm through to 12mm, and in a huge variety of sizes. Axgard glazing sheets have been tested and proven over many years as a reliable glazing option for areas where the dangers of glass are not an option.

We also manufacture specialist Axgard®-MSR Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Mirrors which are commonly used as safety mirrors for anti-ligature or secure environments. Due to its high impact resistance and scratch-resistant surface, our Axgard-MSR Plastic Mirror Sheet is popular in hospitals, schools, care homes and other public buildings, as well as children’s play areas where safety is a priority. Manufactured in many sizes, Axgard-MSR Plastic Mirrors are a great option where a virtually unbreakable scratch-resistant mirror is required.

Glazing Bar Systems Manufacturing:

When it comes to roof glazing with Glass or Polycarbonate Sheets, at Clear Amber we manufacture a wide range of unique glazing bar systems to suit different roof types. We manufacture these glazing bar systems in three main types including screw-down rafter-top glazing bars, self-supporting glazing bars, and snap-down glazing bars. Each individual range of glazing bars comes with options for specialist gable bars, side wall bars, and top wall flashings to make installation, fast, easy and professional. In addition, we manufacture further specialist glazing bar systems such as Hip Bars, Ridges, Crests, Finials and more…

Our Snapa® Rafter Snap-Down Glazing Bar System is designed to suit rafter-top DIY roof-glazing applications where a simple snap-down polycarbonate glazing bar is required. The Snapa Glazing Bar System is a fast and easy option which is ideal for installing multiwall polycarbonate roofing sheets including 10mm, 16m and 25mm thicknesses. The Snapa Glazing Bar system comes with specialist Snapa super ridge, Snapa Gable Bars, Snapa Side Wall Bars and Snapa Top Wall Flashings to make the installation fast, easy and professional. 

We also manufacture Alukap®-XR Rafter Aluminium Glazing Bar System, which not only suits polycarbonate roofing sheets but is also ideal for glazing single-glazed glass or double-glazed sealed glass units. The Alukap-XR Glazing Bar System can be installed with any type of rafter and any thickness of glazing. Alukap-XR comes with a full range of Ridges, Hip Bars, Wall Bars, Gable Bars, Endstop bars and Valley Bars. These Alukap-XR Glazing bars are ideal glazing bars for glass or polycarbonate roofs such as glazed extensions, skylights, rooflights, orangeries, or canopies.

Alukap®-SS is an Aluminium Self-Supporting Glazing Bar system that is designed for spanning large spans unsupported, removing the need for timber or steel supporting rafters. Manufactured as a heavy-duty self-supporting bar, Alukap-SS can achieve some incredible spans, and is made from durable long-lasting aluminium. The Alukap-SS System is ideal for glazing polycarbonate sheets or glass, of any thickness. Common applications for Alukap-SS include shelters, skylights, rooflights, school canopy glazing, station glazing, and covered walkways.

Corrugated Sheet Manufacturing:

Our globally-leading Corrugated roofing sheets range provides many roofing sheet options covering both clear and translucent roof sheets as well as solid colours such as black, green, red or brown roof sheets. Within the Corrugated roof sheet ranges we manufacture several brands such as Corrapol-BT, Awnapol, Corrapol-PVC, Corrapol-Stormproof, Corrapol-GRP and Corramet.

Within our clear corrugated plastic sheet segment, we have a range of options to suit different budgets and projects, ranging from our Corrapol® PVC Corrugated sheets which are ideal for smaller DIY roof sheet projects right through to our longer-lasting Corrapol® Stormproof Roofing sheets.

Corrapol®-BT corrugated bitumen roofing sheets are the most cost-effective roofing solution available in solid colours. Manufactured with DIY budgets in mind, these popular corrugated sheets are low-cost and easy to install. Corrapol-BT can be used alongside the clear Corrapol roof sheet options, meaning you can make clear roof light areas within your Corrapol-BT roof. We also manufacture Awnapol® Premium Bitumen Corrugated sheets and Corramet® Roof Sheets for more robust roofing sheet options.

As an alternative to Corrapol-BT, we also manufacture Corramet® Corrugated Roof Sheets in a wide variety of sizes including 3m and 4m corrugated roof sheet lengths. The Corramet® Roof Sheets are very rigid which means they can span good distances between purlins. Manufactured for strength and enhanced rigidity Corramet® corrugated roof sheets provide a durable solution where opaque roof sheets are required.

For all of these ranges of corrugated roofing sheets, we manufacture patented design roof flashings in six colour options. These specialist corrugated roof flashings are critical to helping installers with waterproofing, speed and ease of installation and an excellent professional finish. The globally-renowned corrugated roof flashings such as Corrapol Rock N Lock Gable Bars, Corrapol Rock N Lock Side Wall Bars, Corrapol Super Ridge System and Corrapol Top wall flashing help installers with the speed of installation, whilst making excellent waterproofing and a professional finish.

Guttering Systems Manufacturing:

We manufacture guttering systems that are designed to last. The Patented and Registered Design Systems make gutter installations faster, and easy enough for any Trade or DIY installer. Aluflow aluminium gutter system provides a highly professional finish and is manufactured in standard colours as well as any bespoke RAL colour of your choice. This makes Aluflow the number-one choice when matching a specific colour scheme.

The Aluflow Rock N Lock installation system design not only makes installation faster but also means there are no unsightly visible gutter brackets from the front view. When it comes to snow-loading, durability, impact and strength, our Aluflow aluminium guttering system is manufactured to outperform almost any other type of gutter system, globally.

Roof Paving and Decking Manufacturing:

Our Aluminium Decking systems have become increasingly popular due to inherent rotting warping and fading issues with wooden decking and composite decking. The Alupave® Aluminium Decking System is designed as a non-combustible decking or flat roofing system to provide long-lasting performance and overall cost savings. Alupave Decking has a patented anti-wear surface of longevity and a doubled-cushioned gasketed system for a ‘soft-walk’ effect. The integral concealed drainage system within the patented design of Alupave protects subframes from getting wet and rotting, whilst collecting and directing the rain for water harvesting and reuse purposes.

Other Ranges...

Some of the other popular brands we manufacture include our Ambex® Surface and Floor Protection Sheeting, Sekosnap® Secondary Glazing System, Aluflow® Roof-Gutter System, and Grokurv® Greenhouse Grow Tunnels… And these are just a few of the many ranges that we Manufacture for Your Leading Advantage.

As we continue to grow globally, we’re always keen to hear from you with any ideas of ways we can further improve our products and systems, or any other products you feel we should be manufacturing, so please contact us via live chat or on our contact form – we’d love to hear from you.