• Introducing Alupave® | The Fireproof Full-Seal Flat Roof & Decking System

    Introducing Alupave® | The Fireproof Full-Seal Flat Roof & Decking System

    Introducing Alupave<sup>®</sup> | The Fireproof Full-Seal Flat Roof & Decking System

    Aluminium Decking is now firmly established as the safest decking, most environmentally-friendly decking and long-lasting decking option. However, with traditional timber or composite decking and sub-structures comes rotting and weathering, and with Aluminium Decking often an expensive sub-frame. The full solution decking? Alupave®.

    Alupave® is a fully aluminium decking system that solves all of these issues. Manufactured with a double gasket seal, Alupave® is fully waterproof and can be therefore used with any sub-structure, not only reducing cost but increasing the longevity of your Decking, preventing water ingress or damage to the sub-structure. Furthermore, Alupave® is designed with an integral gutter system which ensures effective drainage of water, keeping your Decking safe.
    Alupave® is extruded from high-quality aluminium which means you can rest assured that your money is well-invested, not only offering a non-combustible fireproof decking option but an aluminium decking that will not warp, bend or rot over time. Due to its highly robust design, our Alupave® system can span up to 1450mm for residential areas - meaning you can position rafters further apart, reducing substructure costs and installation time.

    Alupave® is quick and easy to install with panels simply interlocking into each other, after being secured, which gives greater strength and an aesthetically pleasing finish with concealed fixings. Like to be unique? Alupave® can be coated to any RAL colour which means you can have your own custom colour decking!

    Alupave® Fireproof Full-Seal Flat Roof & Decking Board
    Unlike any other decking or paving solution, Alupave® combines some Patented innovative features that make it truly one of a kind. Creating a double seal connection between each Alupave® board prevents water ingress to the substructure, meaning that time and money can be saved on the substructure, which therefore can be created with basic timber which will be kept dry and won’t rot through!

    Alupave® is extruded from aluminium and has a double-peak, anti-wear surface giving it excellent longevity for high traffic areas and long-term requirements. The aluminium also means Alupave® has natural fireproof qualities, meaning it is suitable for use on high rise buildings. Alupave® Decking and Flat-Roofing System is designed with an integral gutter system for superior water management. With completely hidden fixings, there is no need for unsightly and fiddly clips and brackets - Alupave® Decking and Flat-Roofing System offers improved aesthetics. The rapid interlocking system saves time onsite, allowing projects to be completed quickly, with increased strength.

    Alupave® Fireproof Flat Roof & Decking Side Gutter
    Our Alupave® Decking and Flat-Roofing Side Gutter plays an essential part in the integral gutter system, offering superior water management and preventing damage to the substructure. Alupave® Decking and Flat-Roofing Side Gutter is extruded from aluminium giving it exceptional longevity and fireproof qualities. Alupave® Decking Side Gutter is easy to install by a simple push-fit over the final Alupave® Decking Board, which means that water can be drained from the entire decking of Flat-Roofing area to one chosen point, providing excellent controlled water management possibilities.

    What colours is Alupave® Decking available in?

    As standard, we offer two stylish colours - Alupave® Grey and Alupave® Sand, which will fit nicely with a wide range of external colour schemes. For those looking for the most cost-effective option, we offer a mill finished version that still offers all the benefits of the Alupave® System, but at a lower cost!

    Additionally, we can manufacture Alupave®, as with any of our aluminium roofing products, to match any specific RAL colour to suit your project, with no minimum order quantity! Simply navigate to our RAL Colours page and match a colour!

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    Christiopher Updated 5th June 2023 at 15:10
    2nd June 2023 at 09:55 Good morning, I asked for a sample of your Alupave decking for a large 100m2 flat deck that we are doing but have not received anything. Could you please get a sample sent to *******. Thank you. Reply to this comment

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    5th June 2023 at 15:10

    Good Morning Chris, thank you for checking on your decking sample. Apologies for the delay, samples have been very popular lately. Our team has escalated and despatched your sample of our Alupave aluminium decking for you. It will be with you in the next couple of days. Thank you for your support.

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    Murray Updated 23rd September 2020 at 10:07
    23rd September 2020 at 10:07 Great to see this innovation finally launched - Composites and Timber options have a lot of limitations that Alupave overcomes! Reply to this comment

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