Snapa Polycarbonate Glazing Bars

The Snapa Glazing Bar system is a cost effective solution for securing polycarbonate sheets onto rafters, timber or steel. Popular with 25mm, 16mm and 10mm polycarbonate sheets these bars are easy to install on a polycarbonate roof. Enquire Now

SNAPA: Snap Fix Budget Glazing Bars

Snapa® Glazing Bars are an economical budget glazing bar for cost effective roof glazing on top of timber rafters or roof structures. The perfect polycarbonate joining strip for large and small projects.

Snapa is the trade-favourite glazing bar for polycarbonate sheets. Easy to install, low cost and stunning once complete. A timeless design and white colour ensure a quality finish whether fitted with clear polycarbonate, bronze polycarbonate, or opal polycarbonate.

World-leading Design

Our signature design is carried onto the Snapa Wall and Gable bars which are the world’s first all-in-one gable and wall glazing bars. With a unique two-part design, gone are the days of using a standard glazing bar for the side bars and creating a messy workaround. These end bars remove installation-hassle and create a clean consistent aesthetic across the roof.

With co-extruded rubber gaskets on all our caps for roofing, there is no need to manually cut and fit gaskets on the job. They have been designed for a secure and watertight finish.

Fast and Long-lasting Installation

The Snapa glazing bar system is anchored around the fast and secure snap down feature. It makes this glazing bar incredibly versatile for both home projects and larger commercial and school canopies.

Innovations like our Top Wall Flashing help waterproof the roof in every area. Unlike the rest of the range, this game-changing polycarbonate wall flashing is manufactured from aluminium to seal the most critical element on a lean-to roof.

Innovative DIY Polycarbonate Ridge

As with the rest of the Snapa Range, every bar has been manufactured with unique patented and registered designs. Snapa Super Ridge is the first DIY-friendly ridge for polycarbonate sheeting on the market. With a special end cap to suit this ridge, re-roofing a greenhouse or a shed conversion is made simple.

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