Specialised Glazing Tapes

The Securbond® range of tapes includes four different types of glazing tapes. Standard 2 – 12mm double sided Securbond® tape is a general purpose tape for a wide variety of applications where product is already supported but requires a simple bonding, sealing and cushioning solution. Securbond®-A and Securbond®-M are very-high-bond adhesive glazing tapes which will bond objects such as Georgian Bars to glass and Axgard-MSR to walls, without the need for additional mechanical fixings. Securbond®-Dry glazing tape is a single sided adhesive tape with increased cushioning for applications where sealing and cushioning are essential without adhesion to both substrates.

Across these four glazing tape types a high quality immediate grab and instant cure fix means that Securbond® glazing tapes provide an excellent option for almost any glazing tape application.


  • Each Roll Individually Bagged
  • Instant Cure Bond
  • Closed Cell Zero Water Absorption
  • Very High Bond Adhesive
  • Superior Release Liner for Quick Removal

Common uses

  • Fixing Georgian Bars
  • Fixing Facings and Architraves
  • Over glazing Windows with Polycarbonate
  • Mounting Mirrors
  • Mounting Signs
  • Bonding Plastic Sheets to Frames and Walls
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