Axgard Solid Glazing Sheets

Axgard stands for quality in the plastic sheet market. These virtually unbreakable gazing sheets are robust and fully UV protected for excellent long term clarity. Available in clear, opal, black, bronze and mirror sheets. Enquire Now

Axgard: Virtually Unbreakable Plastic Glazing Sheets

AXGARD®: Clear Sheets

Axgard Clear glazing sheets provide a virtually unbreakable glazing solution. This strength coupled with the ability to be easily curved and shaped makes Axgard® an incredibly versatile and safe product to use.

AXGARD®: Patterned Sheets

Axgard patterned sheets are available for a privacy glazing solution. Retaining the high strength with the ability to cut to exact sizes and even curved shapes, patterned provides a solution for those bespoke and public sector jobs, like schools and prisions.

AXGARD®: Tinted sheets

Axgard glazing sheets are available in Dense Black, Bronze or Opal tints. These options have the same strength and are available cut to exact sizes and even curved shapes as required.

AXGARD®-MSR: Shatter Proof Mirrors

Established as a leading product in the public sector, Axgard MSR plastic mirror provides the ultimate solution for the most challenging environments. It doesn’t break into dangerous shards like glass mirrors and is virtually unbreakable: the perfect safety mirror for public projects like mental health and hospital mirrors.

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