• EXPLAINER: Why Axgard® Glazing Sheets perfect for your roof

    EXPLAINER: Why Axgard® Glazing Sheets perfect for your roof

    EXPLAINER: Why Axgard<sup>®</sup> Glazing Sheets perfect for your roof

    Used by 1000’s of DIYers and tradesmen, Axgard® is a superior roofing solution that is used to give the glass look but in a lot safer, stronger and more cost-effective way. Axgard® roofing sheets stand out from the crowd, with a host of benefits, giving your roofing project the quality and look it deserves – read on to find out more…!

    Axgard® can be utilised across a variety of industries and DIY projects! Manufactured from a high-quality resin, it is: as transparent as glass, more than 200 times stronger, and a fraction of the weight of glass of the same thickness/size. Because of the strength it embodies, it is classified as virtually unbreakable, which explains why Axgard® is often used in vandal-prone areas, or where safety is a priority.

    The high strength also means that Axgard® glazing sheets are uniquely suited to garden pergolas and decking covers (especially where children are playing with balls etc!) as they won't shatter on impact like glass.

    Unlike cheap quality styrene and PVC alternatives, AXGARD® sheets are fully UV protected, ensuring that the glazing sheet will stand the test of time and will not yellow or fade. The long-lasting properties also ensure that Axgard® is not brittle meaning they are very easy sheets to install and work with! To learn how to cut or how to drill Axgard® glazing sheets please follow the links below:

    How to Cut Axgard® Glazing Sheets

    How to Drill Axgard® Roofing Sheets

    As AXGARD® is manufactured in multiple thicknesses, it allows you the opportunity to get exactly what you want out of your project. Furthermore, the thinner sheets are capable of holding a curve and have more flexibility when compared to glass.

    AXGARD® sheets can even be used in place of window glass – our new Sekosnap® Secondary Glazing system works seamlessly with 2mm and 3mm AXGARD® to provide superior secondary glazing. To find out more about Sekosnap® click here!

    As with our Axiome® Multiwall range, Axgard® comes in a range of finishes:
    Clear - As these sheets mimic the appearance of glass. they are the most popular choice for roof glazing, canopies, shelters, and many other glazing applications.
    Patterned - offers extra privacy and great light transmission.
    Bronze - provides shade from the glare of the sun and encourages heat absorption.
    Opal -provides privacy and shade, but the sheets have heat rejection properties.
    Black - completely opaque and is ideal for use where light transmission is not required.

    In a nutshell, here is a summary of some of Axgard®’s Key benefits:


















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