Axiome Multiwall and Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheets

Axiome Polycarbonate Sheet range is manufactured in the widest thickness and size options globally. These polycarbonate roofing sheets are produced to the highest standard with UV protection for longevity. Bronze, Opal and clear polycarbonate tints are so Enquire Now

Axiome: Comprehensive Polycarbonate Sheet Range

AXIOME®: Clear Polycarbonate

The Axiome Clear Polycarbonate Sheet range offers one of the widest selections of multiwall globally. To cater for the huge diversity of applications, a broad range of thicknesses and sheet sizes to suit virtually every eventuality.

AXIOME®: Bronze Polycarbonate

Bronze tint Axiome Sheet provides a shading effect to reduce glare. The Bronze Axiome® sheet is available in several thicknesses and a very wide range of sheet sizes.

AXIOME®: Opal Polycarbonate

The Opal tint Axiome Sheet provides a reflective effect to reduce heat build-up. The Opal polycarbonate Axiome sheet is available in several thicknesses and a massive range of sheet sizes.

SOLEK®: Heat-Reflective Multiwall Polycarbonate

Available in three thicknesses, this unique product achieves 80% heat rejection. Choosing Solek® eliminates the need for blinds and means that the conservatory will be cooler in the summer, warmer in winter and Solek® will also retain a good degree of transparency.

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