Aluflow Aluminium Guttering System

Aluflow Aluminium Gutter is a game-changer. Manufactured with patented Rock N Lock fast-install and concealed brackets it’s sustainable and affordable. It’s strength tested to a massive 50kg/m load and has an estimated 60 years lifespan. Enquire Now

ALUFLOW®: Innovative Aluminium Gutter

Aluflow® Gutter System has been designed and manufactured for strength, durability and longevity. Produced from high-quality aluminium, this guttering range is naturally resistant to rust.

Is aluminium guttering easy to install? Yes, aluminium gutters are as easy to install as plastic or any other guttering type. Unlike plastic gutters that rely on weak snappable clips, Aluflows’ design incorporates the patented Rock N Lock system which makes installation straightforward but also long-lasting.

Its unique patented design gives Aluflow guttering a stunning look once installed with hidden gutter unions and concealed gutter brackets.

Aluflow® is no ordinary gutter system: Sustainable, Affordable, Quality.

Sustainable Guttering
Aluflow is manufactured from aluminium which is 100% recyclable. In fact, aluminium is often described as infinitely recyclable because it can be recycled continuously without any loss in performance or integrity.

The availability of aluminium as a raw material for manufacturing is plentiful. Many don’t know that it is the third most abundant element in the Earth’s crust, making up a massive 8.23% of the crust of the planet we live on. This high availability means it is not a rare-earth metal and is easy to extract and process.

Plastic guttering has inherent lifespan issues with fast degradation, brittleness and fading. By comparison, aluminium guttering significantly outlasts any plastic gutters with an estimated lifespan of 60 years, which in turn means fewer replacements and less waste.

Affordable Guttering
Traditionally, aluminium guttering has been an expensive upgrade, however, this all changed with the release of Aluflow. Designed to be affordable, the Aluflow Gutter System is cost-effective short and long term.

Outlasting all its rivals in the same price range, Aluflow has a low initial cost and an excellent ROI over its lifetime.

Whether you are carrying out a gutter repair or installation on a new home, Aluflow provides a quality solution that is affordable for any budget.

Quality Guttering
This market-leading gutter design offers untouchable quality both in style and structurally. Aluflow presents all the benefits of metal guttering but without the rust risk and high costs.

The quality powder coated finish across the guttering range ensures vivid standard colours. Additionally, a wide range of bespoke RAL colours can be chosen to match an unlimited selection of colour themes.

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