Privacy Notice

Clear Amber aims to ensure that by carefully monitoring and reviewing all process and systems, we
will protect, in so far as possible, all confidential information of our customers from malicious and
unauthorised activities in accordance with GDPR.

Clear Amber has identified that ‘Legitimate Interests’ is the most appropriate basis for processing
our customer’s personal data for key elements of our service such as order updates, deliveries,
sending financial account information, taking payments, keeping the customer informed and
targeted, direct marketing and promotions (GDPR Recital 47) and other actions which require the
use of our customer’s personal data to service their needs effectively and efficiently as Clear Amber
discern reasonable. All personal data which relates to our Distributors or their customers is provided
by the customer themselves to us or our Distributors, or as openly available on public internet
domains. Clear Amber only processes personal data which is provided by the customer themselves
or is necessary in relation to our Legitimate Interest.

We have also carried out a Balancing Test and understand the need for protecting our customer’s
rights and interests. We only process our customer’s personal data in ways that our customers
would reasonably expect and is in the interest of our customers. In processing our customer’s
personal data, Clear Amber does not intend to limit our customer’s present or future freedom or
rights or process the personal data in a way that risks causing harm to our customers.

What we do to protect your Personal Data:

No personal equipment is used to process our Customer’s data, it is all owned by Clear Amber and
no databases are accessible by staff outside of the secure office environment.
All computers are protected with software systems and are configured to automatically download
the latest virus signature files as advised by Professional IT Partners to prevent malicious malware

Each employee has a unique username and password which allows them tailored access to systems,
processes and information meaning only the key members of staff can access our customer’s
personal data as necessary to process this data in relation to our legitimate interest. No staff can
access our Customer’s Card Details.

Third Party Access:

Clear Amber are committed to protecting our Customers’ Personal Data and therefore, will never
sell our Customer’s Personal Data to Third Parties. However, we do need to share some of our
Customer’s Personal Data to third parties who are essential to Clear Amber servicing our Customer’s
needs. This includes parties such as IT partners, government authorities, distribution partners,
professional advisors and other parties which we require to allow Clear Amber to best service and
provide for our Customer’s needs.

Removal of Data

Any direct email marketing will have a one click unsubscribe button on as reasonable and easy way
for any person to opt out of any emails they receive. However if you wish to have Clear Amber
remove any of your Personal Data from our databases, please contact with
the specific person’s name and details you wish to have removed, and we will endeavour to process
your request within 24hours.