Sekosnap Aluminium Secondary Glazing

The Sekosnap Secondary Glazing system is manufactured from aluminium, making it robust and very long lasting. This diy secondary glazing solution can help significantly reduce your energy bills, noise pollution and draughts through windows. Enquire Now

SEKOSNAP®: Superior Secondary Glazing System

Sekosnap has been designed and manufactured to provide a high-quality Secondary Glazing System that is affordable and provides all the features that are required for the perfect result!

Excellent for older and heritage windows these secondary kits are easy to install and look great when in place. Popular applications are for heritage properties, schools and other public buildings.

Easy DIY Secondary Glazing

Installation couldn’t be easier with the snap-fix design of the Sekosnap glazing system. Simply ‘snap’ into place and you can rest assured of a secure fix. No tapes, adhesive or technical steps are required.

Designed to be fitted to any window material type, Sekosnap is a very versatile glazing system for both old and newer windows.

Robust Aluminium Secondary Double Glazing

Unlike Magnetic secondary glazing, which is flimsy and can come loose over time, aluminium secondary glazing offers a stronger longer-lasting alternative.

When paired with a solid glazing sheet, the aluminium secondary glazing bars provide a strong system for protecting older windows and fragile single glazing. For maximum effectiveness, the Axgard Glazing Sheets are recommended for use with Sekosnap double glazing. Primarily for their incredible impact resistance and shatterproof qualities.

Most commonly, 3mm glazing sheets are fitted to ensure maximum lifespan in a variety of applications.

Energy Saving Secondary Glazing Kits

Did you know that you can significantly reduce your energy costs by installing secondary glazing diy? Fitting double secondary glazing is one of the top ways of preventing draughts and warm air leakage through windows. The additional layer helps secure any leaks and provides an extra level of insulation.

Interestingly, Secondary glazing has also been proven to reduce noise pollution as well by increasing the soundproofing of windows. A key benefit if you live in a city or high-traffic area.

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