Corrapol & Corramet Corrugated Roofing Sheets

Corrapol is the world’s leading corrugated roofing sheet range. With popular corrugated plastic and bitumen profiles, the offering includes patented innovative flashings, ridges and accessories which take corrugated roofing to the next level. Unique manuf Enquire Now

Corrapol®: Innovative Corrugated Roofing Sheet Systems


The Corrapol Stormproof range of corrugated clear roofing sheets has expanded to become one of the widest ranges manufactured. CORRAPOL® Stormproof is now available in two profiles, both low and high, to provide strength and longevity for all kinds of projects. Manufactured from a special resin, this corrugated sheet is one of the strongest clear corrugated sheets available.

CORRAPOL® PVC: PVC Corrugated Sheets

Corrapol PVC Sheets are the perfect option for general DIY and low cost projects. Being manufactured to the same profile as the rest of the Corrapol® range allows it to be used alongside Corramet and bitumen sheets to allow daylight through in certain areas of a roof.

CORRAPOL® GRP: Polyester Corrugated Sheets

Corrapol GRP is manufactured with strength and rigidity in mind for a cost-effective solution for areas of low direct sunlight. Its high strength properties make it ideal for several areas in roofing.

CORRAPOL® BT: Bitumen Corrugated Sheets

Corrapol BT Bitumen roofing sheet systems are manufactured to provide low cost waterproof roofing solutions for sheds, outbuildings and other external roofs. We manufacture the full roofing systems to make projects complete including our patented Rock N Lock Flashings, Top Wall Flashing, Super Ridge & more...

CORRAMET®: Superior Corrugated Sheet

Corramet Corrugated Sheets provide a robust alternative to corrugated metal and bitumen coloured roofing sheets. They are designed for greater spanning, longevity and quality. Compatible with the whole range of patented Corrapol flashings and fixings.

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