Alupave Innovative Fire Rated Aluminium Decking

Alupave aluminium decking is renowned for its first-in-class full seal inbuilt gutter system. Its patented features make it perfect for balcony decking and other non-combustible projects. The Aluminium decking boards are fast to install and long-lasting. Enquire Now

ALUPAVE®: Fire Rated Flat Roof and Decking System

Unlike any other decking or paving solution our ALUPAVE® Decking and Flat-Roofing System combines a number of patented innovative features that make it truly unique.

Manufactured from robust aluminium, Alupave can achieve incredible spans between joists, meaning reduced substructure costs. The durability of aluminium decking also ensures there is no risk of the rotting or warping challenges that some decking boards face.

Innovative Non-combustible Decking

Its patented design is what truly sets the Alupave aluminium decking apart. Easy interlocking boards lend themselves to a rapid installation process. Designed to remove the requirement for fiddley clips, the Alupave Deck has completely hidden fixings that are protected from the elements internally.

Alupave’s A2 fire rating ensures that this aluminium decking is a great option for high rise applications such as balconies, terraces and walkways. In fact, Alupave is now the number one balcony decking board of choice across the UK for both commercial and residential deck projects.

Full Seal Aluminium Decking

Alupave was the first in a wave of new aluminium decking systems that have full seal or positive drainage. Its inbuilt guttering system makes it easy for installers and homeowners to deal with the challenge of decking drainage.

Not only does the full seal decking channel drainage but more crucially it protects the subframe from water drainage. In turn, this helps to massively extend the lifespan of your decking joists or framing below. These decking boards are hugely versatile as they work with any type of substructure, no matter if you are using aluminium decking joists, a steel frame or pedestals.

Hidden Decking Gutter Connectors

All the draining and gutter features on the Alupave aluminium decking boards are in-built ensuring the overall aesthetic is left pristine. Designed with concealed gutter connectors, Alupave is both functional and stunning.

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