• EXPLAINER: Which Corrapol® Corrugated Sheets Should I Use?

    EXPLAINER: Which Corrapol® Corrugated Sheets Should I Use?

    EXPLAINER: Which Corrapol<sup>®</sup> Corrugated Sheets Should I Use?

    Our CORRAPOL® Corrugated Roofing range offers a variety of corrugated sheets to suit a wide range of applications and budgets. Whether that means low cost, high strength or lightweight, one of our Corrapol® products will be the ideal fit for your project. We manufacture all our Corrapol® Sheets in our universal High Profile meaning they are all compatible with our unique Corrapol® accessories, such as the Corrapol® Super Ridge and Corrapol® Rock Lock. Sharing the same profile also means that all our different types of Corrapol® Sheets are compatible and can be used in conjunction with each other on a project by simply overlapping as usual. For example, it is popular to use Corrapol® GRP as a DIY Rooflight when installing Corrapol® BT on a shed roof.

    Our CORRAPOL® sheet range includes; Corrapol® Stormproof, Corrapol® PVC, Corrapol® GRP and Corrapol®-BT. Read on to learn the qualities of each product and which will suit you best.




    Corrapol® Stormroof®:
    Our Corrapol® Stormroof Sheets are the ultimate corrugated roofing sheeting solution, being the strongest and most durable product in the Corrapol® range. Manufactured from a very robust Corrapol® Resin these sheets are 200 times stronger than glass, of the same thickness, and have high impact resistance, making them an ideal solution for carport, canopies, porches, pergolas and more!

    Unlike cheaper alternatives, our Corrapol® Stormproof sheets have a special UV Protection layer incorporated in the manufacturing process, which ensures they provide superior light transmission and clarity for many years. The combination of the UV protection and the high-quality material means that Corrapol® Stormproof Corrugated Clear sheets have an estimated 20 year lifespan, which they can often even exceed!

    Along with this, Corrapol® Stormroof has excellent fire-resistant qualities as the resin used has a softening point in excess of 120°C, is less flammable and has a higher melting point than fibreglass, acrylic and PVC sheets.

    In addition, all these excellent qualities, Corrapol® Stormproof sheets are relatively lightweight and easy to cut and work with, so are a win-win solution for both commercial and DIY applications!

    We also have a Low Profile Corrapol® Stormproof version available. These are mainly used to match into older Stormproof installations or existing profiles.


    Corrapol® PVC:
    Our Corrapol® PVC Sheets are often used as a budget alternative to the Corrapol® Stormproof, having a lower retail price but still being a great lightweight clear solution for many different applications, such as decking covers, carports and more!

    Our Corrapol® sheets are an ideal solution for areas that do not require high impact resistance but still require light transmission and a degree of visibility. Popular with many DIYers, Corrapol® PVC is an easy way of creating a smart waterproof living space outdoors.


    Corrapol® GRP:
    Finally, our last Corrapol® Clear option is our Corrapol® GRP which gives a unique mix of qualities. Providing excellent strength, nearly to that of the Corrapol® Stormroof® range, Corrapol® GRP is strong, however, is manufactured with fibres in its resin mix and therefore, offers a more translucent style. This translucency results in Corrapol® GRP providing the extra benefit of more privacy and still maintaining a degree of impact resistance and rigidity. These Corrapol® GRP corrugated sheets are popular for creating rooflights in sheds and outdoor huts as they create a smart visual effect!


    Corrapol® BT:
    As one of the easiest roofing sheets to install, our Corrapol® BT Bitumen Sheets are very popular and get used in 1000’s of applications every monthly! Manufactured with the installer in mind, our Corrapol® bitumen sheets are an installers dream, being lightweight, easy-to-cut and fast to install! This makes it easy for anyone with even the smallest DIY experience to create their own outdoor living space, add style to their garden or renovate their sheds. Suitable for a wide variety of applications, our Corrapol®-BT sheets are popular for creating a waterproof cover on sheds, garages, log stores, decking covers, covered bicycle areas, children’s playhouses and pergolas – just to a name a few!

    Available in 4 colours, black, brown, green and red, our Corrapol® BT corrugated bitumen sheets can be used to complement or contrast your house and existing colour themes. All the Corrapol® fixings and accessories, such as the Corrapol® Rock N Lock, are also manufactured in matching colours so you can complete the look and give a professional finish.


    Needing inspiration? The infographic below gives an idea of a popular Corrapol® application and shows a snapshot of the Corrapol® products required to create it.

    Corrapol® Exploded Roof Graphic White©







    OTHER RESOURCES: You may find this Tips for Corrugated Roof Flashing article also very helpful when choosing your Corrapol Roof Sheets. 

    Have any technical queries about your Corrapol® project? Please check out our Corrapol® Technical Brochures and Installation Guides below for more details or get in touch.

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