• Introducing the Aluflow® Aluminium Gutter System

    Introducing the Aluflow® Aluminium Gutter System

    Introducing the Aluflow<sup>®</sup> Aluminium Gutter System

    We are excited to announce a significant milestone for Clear Amber – Aluflow Guttering is now released and available to order.

    With initial manufacturing completed, you can now retail and purchase the Aluflow Aluminium Guttering range for rapid delivery with our Clear Amber Distribution teams. As with all our ranges, we can deliver right across the UK mainland to any address type and with full nationwide coverage.

    Why is Aluflow® the best choice for guttering?

    At its core, the patented Aluflow Gutter system has been designed to meet three foundational values - Sustainable, Affordable and Quality. Each of these provides substantial benefits to our end users.

    Current options within the guttering market are frustratingly limited and ham-strung by lifespan, rust or discolouration issues. Not only does Aluflow® address these basic challenges but also revolutionises the ease of installation and appearance of traditional gutters.

    With 10 years of R&D invested into Aluflow, this system has been developed and refined to include a host of game-changing features. Here are the top features that set this guttering range apart and make it such a gamechanger:

    Top Benefits of Aluflow® Guttering

    1. Concealed Gutter Unions
    2. Hidden Gutter Brackets
    3. Deep Flow Design
    4. High Strength & Durable Design
    5. Striking Gutter Corner Curves
    6. Manufactured from Sustainable Aluminium
    7. Flush Gutter Stopend
    8. Any bespoke RAL Colour

    Want your Distributor set up for Aluflow® Guttering? Contact our Teams for further help with onboarding.

    Concealed Gutter Unions

    Designed to create a visually stunning aesthetic, the Aluflow Gutter Union was created to be completely hidden from the front view once installed. Fitted internally these aluminium gutter unions help produce a front guttering face that is unobstructed with ugly clips or joints.

    Aluflow’s patented design removes the eye sore of the normally cumbersome joint pieces. Replacing it with what looks like a slim unobtrusive butt joint outwardly.

    With hidden gutter joints, the flaws of seamless aluminium gutters are an issue of the past. End users can create an elegant appearance whilst still being able to install the system themselves.

    The straightforward fitting method is suited to any skill level of installer and ensures a strong secure fix. Watch our How to join aluminium guttering video to learn more about the installation process.

    Hidden Gutter Brackets

    Another ground-breaking feature of the Aluflow System is its hugely innovative gutter bracket design which is both concealed from view and much easier to fit.

    Manufactured with our cutting-edge Rock N Lock® functionality included, the Aluflow Gutter Bracket is incredibly simple to secure and install. At its heart, Aluflow is designed to be intuitive for any skill level of end user

    What’s more, once installed the Aluflow Aluminium Gutter Unions are hidden from view. Combined with the concealed gutter unions these two features remove the need for any front clips, joints, or brackets. In turn, producing an elegant finish that is clean from any protrusions.

    Unlike standard gutter clips, the Aluflow Rock N Lock Bracket is fully installed from the rear.

    Deep Flow Design

    As a modern take on the traditional deep flow profile, the Aluflow rainwater gutter has been crafted to provide a high capacity of drainage.

    The striking Aluflow profile has been manufactured to obtain the ideal balance between capacity and visual form. Taking its cues from a deep flow gutter, it can swiftly drain high levels of drainage without looking oversized or disproportionately large.

    High Strength & Durable

    The strength of a gutter is critical to effectively drain away water and protect your roof long-term for two reasons:
    1. Ensuring maximum lifespan
    2. Providing resilience against winter weather

    Aluminium guttering is inherently a lot stronger than alternatives and Aluflow® particularly so. Plastic guttering can go brittle, discolour and crack in the space of only 5 years. On the other hand, Aluflow Aluminium Guttering has an outstanding 60 year estimated lifespan.

    The raw strength of aluminium combined with an innovative design achieves incredible weight-testing results. Our R&D Team has tested the strength of Aluflow up to 50kg per metre!

    Additionally, not only is the Aluflow Gutter high strength but also has a high corrosion resistance. Most metal guttering systems, except aluminium, suffers from a fatal flaw – they rust. Naturally being in consistent contact with water, any risk of rusting can be risky for leakage and breakdown.

    Being produced from high-quality aluminium sets the Aluflow range apart; it is a non-ferrous metal that is incredibly rust resistant. All Aluflow components are manufactured from aluminium to supply a fully aluminium system with no weak parts.

    Striking Gutter Corners

    The ingenious design of Aluflow gutters is continued into the gutter corners with a curved corner shape. The continuity of the signature Aluflow bevel remains to create a clean sightline.

    Aluflow External Guter Corner has a swooping curve for a further touch of style but also to help drainage flows.
    Across the whole patented Aluflow range, the components have been thoughtfully crafted to work together with ease. Like the running outlet and gutter lengths, the same hidden gutter unions are used to join and Rock N Lock brackets are used to secure.

    Made from Sustainable Aluminium

    In contrast to plastic guttering, aluminium is the sustainable choice of guttering on three levels: it lasts significantly longer, can be recycled infinitely and is the 3rd most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. This is an increasingly important factor in installers buying decisions.

    The abundance of aluminium means it isn’t a rare earth metal or created from oil. A longer lifetime reduces the waste caused by frequent gutter repairs or replacements. When it does reach the end of its life, any recycling will return 100% of the original strength material.

    Flush Gutter Stop Ends

    Aluflow Gutter stop ends are created for a flush fit to provide excellent form and function. Another simple but elegant design touch.

    The gutter stopend is of utmost importance for directing the water towards the running outlet and sealing the rainwater system. With its secure fixing method, the Aluflow Stop End fills this role very effectively.
    There are both right and left hand stop end types available to suit opposite ends as required.

    Any RAL Colour

    We will be producing the Aluflow range in the three most popular colours as standard: Black, grey and white. These are available on our usual fast and direct Clear Amber Distribution service right across the mainland.

    For bespoke or heritage guttering projects we also have our bespoke RAL colour option available. A massive suite of colours is offered to suit a project’s needs – whether signal red, traffic blue or moss green.


    Calling All Distributors

    Get in touch with your Distributor Account Manager today for further help and support with onboarding Aluflow® to your ranges. If you are unsure who your best point of contact is then simply send a message to our Teams below.

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