• Introducing Clear Amber Distribution

    Introducing Clear Amber Distribution

    Introducing Clear Amber Distribution

    Welcome to Clear Amber Distribution – a UK arm of the Clear Amber Group which now provides rapid dedicated deliveries across the United Kingdom.

    Market-leading in every way, we’re excited to unveil our new Clear Amber distribution division and reveal some of the ways this will take our service offering to the next level.

    Dedicated Nationwide Delivery

    Traditionally, the range we manufacture is ugly to ship and hard to deliver, which causes some of the poor service experiences seen across the industry. This game changer is revolutionising customer deliveries and further substantially strengthening Distributor’s service offerings.

    Whether it’s 6m Glazing Bars to Cornwall or huge sized Polycarbonate Sheets to the Scottish Highlands, you can rest in the fact that every delivery will be dedicated and direct. We manufacture a wide and growing range of large-size products but can promise a premium delivery service for every size order.

    With huge growth plans for a continuously growing future, Clear Amber Distribution offers a rock-solid foundation for supporting Distributors’ and Retailers’ growth without constraints.

    What does Clear Amber Distribution Offer?

    Clear Amber Distribution provides customers with end-to-end confidence by providing an unbeatable UK mainland service. Build your sales with confidence backed by:

    - Fastest Delivery Lead Time: fast delivery is imperative in the age of eccommerce; we offer the fastest delivery service possible to every area.

    - NEW 2 Hour Delivery Window: A gamechanger recently introduced to give customers an incredible delivery experience.

    - Transparent Live Tracking: Follow goods and parcels every step of the way with a live scanning feed, from dispatch to delivery.

    - Full Nationwide Coverage: every square mile of UK mainland included; our in-house distribution provides rapid delivery from Lands End to John o Groats.

    - NEW Precise w3w POD's: Get an exact time, name and What3Words location for every delivery. Backed up by 'Left Safe' images for those left securely.

     - Dedicated In-House Fleet: our dedicated fleet provides a trusted service that can be relied upon.

    - Every Size of Product & Order: despite our range being complex and diverse we handle the entire freight spectrum, giving equal priority to every order.

    - Any Address Type: Whether agricultural, commercial, or residential, our trusted Delivery Teams can deliver.

    A positive customer experience equals positive reviews/feedback for Distributors and returning customers. Something every retailer aspires to and a key growth support.

    Market Leading Customer Support

    Alongside the massive investment in our in-house Clear Amber fleet, we have majorly upgraded our tracking and software systems to provide faster and more real-time updates.

    Backed up by MyClearAmber, Distributors now know that not only is their delivery looked after well but have much greater visibility of order status, progress and PODs once delivered.

    If there are any queries on an order or you have a question, simply chat with our Help Teams and they’ll be there to rapidly assist. With a high proportion of orders ‘left safe’ with customer agreement, our new POD image improvements will provide stronger PODs for every location.

    How fast is delivery with Clear Amber Distribution?

    Clear Amber Distribution will deliver to any UK Mainland address in only 2-3 working days to every address on the UK mainland, no matter what work day the order is placed on.

    We will continue to strive for further service improvements, and we are looking to invest further in our systems and infrastructure to make this ever faster!

    And in 2024, we are looking to invest further in our systems and infrastructure to make this ever faster!

    Looking to supercharge your stock or online range?

    Get in touch with our Distributor Success Team today: we’d love to help you grow your revenue substantially.

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