• What Colour Axiome® Polycarbonate Sheets should I use?

    What Colour Axiome® Polycarbonate Sheets should I use?

    What Colour Axiome<sup>®</sup> Polycarbonate Sheets should I use?

    Our Axiome® Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet is an extremely versatile roofing material with a wide range of excellent qualities, making it ideal for a range of DIY and commercial projects! They are lightweight, flexible, strong, and come in different colours and sizes. There are different benefits to each of the colours that we manufacture, and it is important to bear these in mind when deciding what product will be best for your project.

    To view our Axiome® Multiwall Range Overview Video, which expands on all of Axiome®'s amazing properties- click here!


    So what tint Axiome® Roofing sheets are best to use on your project?

    Out of all our Axiome® tint options, the Clear Axiome® Multiwall Sheets have the best light transmission and let in the most amount of sunshine! These sheets are ideal for use in outdoor and indoor area’s where you are trying to achieve the greatest amount of daylight, whilst still offering protection from harmful UV rays. The Clear Axiome® is our most popular polycarbonate sheet due to its versatility and so is used in a wide range of applications including conservatories, carports, pergolas, screens and much more!

    Our next most popular Axiome® tint is our Opal Axiome® Multiwall Polycarbonate sheet is translucent with a white tint impression. The advantage of the Opal Axiome® tint is that it creates and protects privacy, whilst still maintaining good light transmission with a bright overall appearance. In addition, the Opal tint reduces the level of solar energy penetrating the sheet; this monitors the temperature and helps keep covered areas cooler so is the best option for areas that are exposed to higher levels of direct sunlight. Giving off a cool glow our Axiome® Opal sheet is very popular for its appearance, being a great match for use with our white Alukap® and Snapa® bar ranges.

    Last but not least, our Axiome® Bronze Multiwall Sheet also has many benefits, in many ways opposite to the Opal Axiome®, by providing the best shade with the lowest light transmission and reducing sun glare below. This colourway is popular as its natural aesthetic blends nicely in outdoor areas and looks great on timber structures, especially hardwood, making it perfect for BBQ huts and other garden shelters. The darker tint, naturally increases heat absorption, creating a warmer internal temperature when located in areas of direct sunlight.


    What glazing or joining bars should be used with Axiome® Sheets?

     One of the great benefits of using Axiome® roofing sheets is that they are compatible with all the glazing bar ranges we manufacture so can be installed with different glazing bars depending on your project, application and budget!

    The most popular glazing bar range when using Axiome® is our Alukap®-XR Fully Aluminium Rafter Supported Range which is very robust with no plastic connectors and creates an impeccable finish. Available in quality white or brown colours as standard, our Alukap®-XR range can also be manufactured in any RAL colour to suit your roof and house no matter the style!

    If you are a little more budget-conscious then look no further than our Snapa® Snap-fix PVC Bar Range which more economical and super easy to install making it perfect for DIY applications like decking covers and pergolas. With the worlds first proper snap-fix Gable Bar our Snapa® range is aesthetically consistent and makes it easy to get a strong watertight finish to your roof.

    Finally, if you are looking for the most durable and long-lasting option then our Alukap®-SS Self Supporting Range is perfect for you. Removing the need for any timber or other support our Alukap®-SS is a stand-alone self-supporting system that we manufacture fully from Aluminum giving your the lost possible life span and superior quality. Due to its huge scope of benefits, Alukap®-SS is very popular in both DIY and commercial applications from house lean-to extensions to train stations! Similar to our Alukap®-XR, it comes in two standard colours but can be bespoke finished to any RAL colour you require giving you the choice to match in with your existing colour schemes and create a truly personalised style.

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