ALUKAP®-SS is manufactured for many roof glazing applications in residential and commercial applications, throughout the world. Architects and specifiers are increasingly recognising ALUKAP®-SS as a preffered solution.

    Recently ALUKAP®-SS was chosen for a Platform Overhaul project by one of our Distributors' customers. This Commercial Glazing application illustrates why ALUKAP®-SS is fast becoming the chosen glazing bar system for commercial glazing applications.

    And here’s why...

    With a fully aluminium structure, concealed gaskets, hidden fixings and the ability to take almost any thickness of glazing, ALUKAP®-SS offers a combination of qualities that provide our Distributors’ Customers advantages during installation and a higher quality of end result.

    Also, of note is the unique bespoke powder coating colour which was chosen for this project which meant that the ALUKAP®-SS system blended in perfectly with the surrounding windows and facades in the same colours.

    Common glazing types used on commercial glazing which can all be used with ALUKAP®-SS include Glass, Solid Polycarbonate, and Multiwall Polycarbonate with each having their own advantage for particular projects.

    Why choose self-supported Glazing Bars?

    There are numerous reasons why self-supported bars may be specified for a project. Whether it’s a structural decision or simply the aesthetic appeal, there are a number of properties that can be highlighted for ALUKAP®-SS self-supporting glazing bars across the board:

    Maintenance free rafters. Self-Supported glazing bars incorporate their rafters by design, so by eliminating the need for wooden rafters you also eliminate the maintenance. Due to the powder coating finish of ALUKAP®-SS you are also guaranteed a long lasting, quality finish rafter without the need for upkeep.
    No painting required. All of our ALUKAP®-SS self-supported bars are finished with a powder coating exterior. The benefit of this is that they can be powder coated to any RAL colour to fit the project being carried out. Be sure to view all the industry standard RAL colours on our RAL Colour Chart Page.
    Extended lifespan. The maintenance of wooden rafters is a continuous long-term challenge on the commercial glazing industry. Though there are many applications where wooden rafters have their place, extruded aluminium Alukap-SS bars are becoming increasingly popular due to the longer lifespan and added benefits mentioned above.

    How easy is ALUKAP®-SS to install?

    ALUKAP®-SS is delivered with simple to follow fitting instructions and we have a team on hand to help with any queries during the installation. The feedback on installation is always of upmost interest to us and we work with our Distributors and their Customers to further develop and improve these systems.

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