• Corrugated Roof Ridge End Cap | Corrapol® -BT

    Corrugated Roof Ridge End Cap | Corrapol® -BT

    Corrugated Roof Ridge End Cap | Corrapol<sup>®</sup> -BT


    Finishing the gable end of a roof ridge is arguably the hardest part of any corrugated sheet installation project, and what’s more, it is unfortunately also the most vulnerable area to the elements!

    With that in mind, our R&D and Innovation Teams worked hard to perfect the designs and are pleased to release….. The Corrapol® Super Ridge Endcap – a ridge end cap that makes installing a ridged Corrapol® corrugated roof easy!

    Crafted with striking form, our all-new Corrapol® Super Ridge Endcap is designed to be the crowning element to every Corrapol® Corrugated ridged roof. With a prominent front profile, the Corrapol® Super Ridge Endcap elevates the profile of the ridge in the most visible area of a roof. In contrast, the subtly chamfered rear edge is designed to create an undisturbed sightline along the roof ridgeline.

    As with the Corrapol® Super Ridge, the new Corrapol® Super Ridge Endcap is manufactured from aluminium. This extra durability and strength ensures it will last the test of time, adding longevity to the lifespan of a roof.

    Shaped to add a new level of waterproofing, the new Super Ridge Endcap provides an unrivalled finish to a corrugated roof with its extended front apron, keeping water flowing away from joints. This extra cover helps provide the ultimate weather protection to one of the most crucial areas of installation and works on any angle or pitch roof.

    Traditionally, it is hard to create a perfect mitre on a roof gable for any pitch roof but using the Corrapol® Super Ridge Endcap makes creating a clean finish easy. The simple and innovative location prongs ensure that installation is fast and simple for installers, to make an excellently aesthetically pleasing finish to a complex connection.

    What colours will the Corrapol ® Super Ridge End cap be available in? We are manufacturing the Corrapol® Super Ridge Endcap in six colours; Black, Brown, Green, Mill, Red and White to match the Corrapol® Super Ridge and other Corrapol® accessories. Our other innovations, such as the Corrapol® Rock N Lock Flashings and Top Wall Flashing, are also available in these colours making it easy for DIYers, trade and installers to make their roof look visually outstanding!

    Find out more about the Corrapol® Super Ridge here.

    Want to know everything you will need for your corrugated roof? Below is a simple exploded graphic that shows you exactly what goes where on a Corrapol® Corrugated roof!









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