• What is the best corrugated ridge option? | Corrapol®-BT

    What is the best corrugated ridge option? | Corrapol®-BT

    What is the best corrugated ridge option? | Corrapol<sup>®</sup>-BT

    What is the best ridge to use on my corrugated roof? – this is a question often asked by installers and yet for many years the options have all been made of comparatively low-grade materials, causing issues with lifespan and waterproofing.

    In many ways, the ridge is the most critical point in a corrugated roof installation, but despite this the corrugated ridges options have been relatively poor… Until now!

    Our R&D Team have spent the last few months testing, tweaking and finally manufacturing our patented next-generation corrugated Ridge and so we are proud to release our… All-New CORRAPOL®-BT Aluminium Super Ridge!

    With other corrugated ridge options having limited lifespans, being manufactured from comparatively weak materials, the CORRAPOL®-BT Super Ridge is a no-brainer, saving you the hassle of future issues!

    Manufactured from robust aluminium the new corrugated ridge is a rigid corrosion-free structure that will provide strength and longevity to your corrugated roof.

    What truly sets the All-New CORRAPOL®-BT Aluminium Super Ridge Set apart as the best corrugated ridge option is its unique preformed gaskets suited to the roof sheet corrugations. Being designed to be flexible these gaskets are the secret to the ridge being able to suit a wide range of roof pitches, shallow or steep!

    As a set, the Corrapol®-BT Super Ridge comes with fixings and colour matched fixings included to make every corrugated roof project as simple as possible! Furthermore, this All-New CORRAPOL®-BT Aluminium Super Ridge Set is manufactured in lengths of up to 6m so longer ridges can be made without joins!

    What colours is the New Corrapol®-BT Super Ridge be available in?

    To give your roof a professional and uniform colour finish the Corrapol®-BT Super Ridge is manufactured in the four Corrapol®-BT Colours, Black, Brown, Green and Red, to match both the Corrapol®-BT Rock n’ Lock Side Flashing and flexible fixings.

    Additionally, we can manufacture the Corrapol®-BT Super Ridge Corrapol®-BT Rock n’ Lock Side Flashing, as with any of our aluminium roofing products, to any specific RAL colour, no minimum order quantity! Simply navigate to our RAL Colours page and match a colour to your project!

    How do I install the CORRAPOL®-BT Aluminium Super Ridge Set?

    When ordering the Corrapol®-BT Super Ridge ensure the bar purchased is longer or the same length as your roof ridge, if possible, to avoid unnecessary joins and ensure the smartest possible finish!

    To install the Corrapol®-BT Aluminium Super Ridge Set, firstly, cut the Ridge to the desired actual length – this can depend on whether you are using Corrapol®-BT Rock N Lock Side Flashing or not.

    Next, insert the two pre-formed gaskets into each side of the Ridge; on longer ridges, avoid any gaps between where gaskets meet to butt join.

    Then, drill holes in the centre of the ridge in line with your centre timber ridge below. Holes should be slightly bigger than the screw supplied, and should be at approx. 300-400mm centres.

    Thread the screws through the colour-matching Corrapol®-BT flexible fixings supplied, and then screw down the ridge until it firmly grips and seals the Corrapol®-BT sheets, and the flexible fixings shape around the top of the Corrapol®-BT Super Ridge.

    Finally, snap the caps on to the colour-matching Corrapol®-BT flexible fixings supplied. Seal any small gaps or open ends with a compatible sealant.

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