• New Improved ALUKAP®-SS Post and Brackets System

    New Improved ALUKAP®-SS Post and Brackets System

    New Improved ALUKAP<sup>®</sup>-SS Post and Brackets System

    Coming soon…Another great product design has just been released from our R&D Teams who have been investing in an All-New robust improved design to our ALUKAP®-SS post and bracket system. There has been a focus during the design and manufacturing stages on a superior version that will provide a stronger and more aesthetically pleasing aluminium canopy posts system, supporting the ALUKAP®-SS Self Supporting bars.

    Thanks to the feedback from Distributors and their Customers the R&D team spent many weeks creating the optimal combination of system strength, faster and easier installation, and product aesthetics, adding further improvements to the ALUKAP®-SS system, on our journey of continuous product improvement!

    Some of the features of these All-New aluminium canopy posts can be seen in this video including and internal concealed fitting bracket for the ground and eaves beam connections.

    When can we expect delivery of the ALUKAP®-SS Posts and Brackets?

    We are manufacturing stock as we speak and will be updating our Distributors as soon as the new system is launched.

    What colours will the ALUKAP®-SS Posts and Brackets be available in?

    We will be manufacturing the new posts in our standard RAL colours RAL 8040 ALUKAP® Brown and RAL 9010 ALUKAP® White. Additionally, we can manufacture these ALUKAP®-SS posts to any RAL colour with no minimum quantity, simply navigate to our RAL Colours page and let us know your choice.

    Our team are always on hand to assist with any queries from, how to install carport posts, to specification advice, so if you have any questions or current enquiries, please let us know using the links below.

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