• How to Finish a Glazing Bar Ridge…

    How to Finish a Glazing Bar Ridge…

    How to Finish a Glazing Bar Ridge…

    The ALUKAP®-XR ridge has been steadily growing in popularity over the past few years, however with an increasing trend away from crests, whilst the top channel is already a watertight groove, Distributors’ Customers were sometimes asking, how do I finish off the top channel of a glazing bar ridge, when I don’t have Crests?

    With a significant investment our R&D Team have designed a new innovation which answers that question perfectly…Coming soon…

    With this latest innovation that we are manufacturing to finish a glazing bar ridge, you can now simply cut the new ALUKAP®-XR Ridge Top Channel Clip to the same length as the Alukap®-XR Ridge you are installing, and then gently tap it in to place with a rubber mallet as shown on this video.

    It’s a relatively small profile, and a small detail, but we believe that this is an important new feature to make a perfectly aesthetically pleasing finish when you are not using Crests.

    Our Mission continues to take us on an ever-accelerating journey to create continuous and increasing benefits for all installers. From professional Tradesmen to DIY installers, this latest innovation we are manufacturing is one more milestone on this road of innovating and manufacturing unique and ever-improving cutting edge products.

    ….so it goes without saying, that there are more products coming soon which we are manufacturing, so keep in touch for further innovations.

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