• How To Cut AXGARD® Sheets

    How To Cut AXGARD® Sheets

    How To Cut AXGARD<sup>®</sup> Sheets

    With Axgard® being very popular for a wide range of outdoor and indoor applications, many installers and DIYers now require more bespoke shapes and designs so knowing how to cut Axgard® is essential! Axgard® solid sheets are easy to cut and can be done by anyone with a little DIY experience. Our new how-to will help guide you step-by-step through the best way to cut Axgard® sheets.

    Due to the high-quality resin that we manufacture Axgard® from, it is virtually unbreakable, 200 times stronger than glass and doesn’t split or splinter like other lower grade plastics, such as acrylic. UV protected on both sides, our Axgard® glazing sheets have an excellent lifespan and are the solid sheet of choice from many prestigious private and public projects!

    Remember, feel free to get in touch to discuss any specific Axgard® queries and our team will be happy to discuss!

    So, how do you cut our Axgard® sheets? To correctly cut Axgard® simply watch our video and follow the below steps:

    Tools required to cut AXGARD®:
    - Jigsaw with blade (Top Tip: Fine Tooth Blade with upward-cutting teeth is recommended)
    - Measuring Tape
    - Marking Pen
    - Protective PPE

    How to cut AXGARD® Sheets:
    1. Safety First – Always Wear the Correct PPE Equipment
    2. Ensure you have the correct Jigsaw Blade – see Tool’s list above
    3. Make sure the Axgard® sheet you are cutting is clamped down or you can hold it securely
    4. Select the highest blade speed available.
    5. Start the Blade and check the jigsaw is all running smoothly
    6. Move slowly into the Axgard® Sheet, speed up to a medium feed speed as you move into the sheet
    7. Either follow the Jigsaw Edge Guide as shown in the How2 Video or mark a clear line on the Axgard® Protective film to follow and cut along


    Common AXGARD® questions:

    What tints or colour is Axgard® manufactured in?
    We manufacture Axgard® in four different tints: Clear, Opal, Bronze and Black. They all have their different uses and qualities with Axgard® Clear being the most popular. We also manufacture Axgard® Patterned with is a clear sheet with embossing that is used to create an extra layer of privacy or style whilst maintaining a good level of light transmission.

    How do you drill Axgard polycarbonate roofing sheets®?
    Axgard® solid glazing sheets are also easy to drill for fixing holes and pipes etc. To see how to Cut Axgard® please view our How2 Video which goes into full details and answers some common questions!

    What sealant or silicone should we use for Axgard®?
    You should always use a low modulus neutral cure silicone as this gives the greatest elasticity with the low modulus type and the neutral cure adhesive ensuring that solvent doesn’t attack the Axgard®. Low modulus, neutral cure silicone is made by many brands and should be readily available online or at any builder’s merchant.


    We are delighted to announce the launch of our new How 2 Video Series, which our Video Team are creating specifically to provide our Distributors and their Customers with simple but powerful tips on uses, applications, fitting options, and cutting methods, to make their tasks easier!

    Our first How 2 Video focuses on a question that our Help Team get asked regularly, which is: how do I cut AXGARD? This video shows some very simple tips which make a world of difference! Watching this help you understand very quickly how to cut AXGARD very easily…

    Our Video Team are keen to hear of more ideas you have where we can provide How 2 Videos to help your Customers further. We have a huge list we are already creating for this series, but we are always keen to get new ideas…

    Keep in touch and we will update you with each new release on this series!

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    Saiqa Updated 14th November 2019 at 07:45
    7th November 2019 at 16:46 Thankyou! I wanted to know this and there’s not many videos on the sheets! Will the cutting be the same method for all the sheets including mirror? Reply to this comment

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    14th November 2019 at 07:45

    Thank you for your feedback!
    Yes, this would be the same cutting instructions for Axgard-MSR however, we can cut to size and to shape with various finished edges using our CNC machinery on site before despatch - this is a free of charge service we offer on Axgard & Axgard-MSR.
    Please feel free to contact us again if you require any further assistance or if you have a drawing with your requirements please send this via email to help@clearamber.com.

    Kind Regards
    Clear Amber Group Ltd

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