• The Best Ever Corrugated Ridge System

    The Best Ever Corrugated Ridge System

    The Best Ever Corrugated Ridge System

    Whether you have installed a bitumen roof or not you will understand the challenges involved when it comes to fitting the final piece of installation – fixing the ungainly ridge!

    The Corrugated Sheet Ridge piece is one of the most crucial parts to any roof installation in creating waterproofing and roof longevity and yet has not been given the attention it requires… until now!

    Currently all options in the corrugated bitumen market have a limited lifespan due to poor designs and weak materials used for this highly exposed part of the roof structures… however that is all about to change!

    After months of R&D we are proud to release the New CORRAPOL®-BT Ridge, another game-changer for the corrugated market. With our choice of robust aluminium, this new profile will remain corrosion free and provide a very rigid solution for ridges for corrugated sheeting, ensuring an exceptional product lifespan!

    The New CORRAPOL®-BT Ridge will not only include the necessary colour-matched Corrapol Flexi Screw Cap fixings, with specially selected stainless screws designed for timber to prevent any corrosion, but also unique preformed gaskets to give a great seal at this exposed high point of the roof!

    These preformed gaskets are flexible and are the secret to the profile being able to work with a wide range of roof pitches across a broad range of applications.

    What colours will the New Corrapol®-BT Ridge be available in?

    In line with the New CORRAPOL®-BT Rock n’ Lock Side Flashing we will be manufacturing the All-New CORRAPOL®-BT Ridge in specially selected RAL colours to match each of the four CORRAPOL®-BT colours.

    Remember, we can manufacture any of our aluminium roofing products, including the All-New CORRAPOL®-BT Ridge, to any RAL colour with no minimum quantity. Simply navigate to our RAL Colours page and match a colour to your project!

    When will New CORRAPOL®-BT Ridge be released?

    At the point of writing we are well underway with manufacturing this new innovation and will be back in touch, with Distributors, to launch it in the coming weeks….

    Watch this Space...! More details to be released shortly…

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