• How do I Install Corrugated Roof Sheets?

    How do I Install Corrugated Roof Sheets?

    How do I Install Corrugated Roof Sheets?


    Do you know the correct way to install CORRAPOL® Corrugated sheets? – If you don’t, you are not alone… ‘How do I Install Corrugated Roofing Sheets?’ is a very common question we receive!

    After listening to the feedback from Trade Installers and DIY Users who we tasked our Technical Team to assist…

    As of today, the lives of Tradesmen and DIY installers have just got whole a lot easier…

    …with the release of our new CORRAPOL® and CORRAPOL®-BT brochures suite!

    With incredible graphics and exploded diagrams these four guides are easy to visually understand and help you understand best practices, answering a huge range of technical questions for your installations.

    Furthermore, the simple step-by-step format means they are easy to follow for a wide variety of installations! Filled with tips and time-saving methods, these brochures are a must-have for anyone installing CORRAPOL® corrugated roofing sheets.

    After our recent Corrugated innovations these brochures show how easily the New CORRAPOL®-BT Rock n’ Lock Side Flashing is rocked into place for a secure lock fit and a smart long-lasting gable finish for corrugated roof sheets.

    *SPOILER ALERT* Keep a look out as you go through the CORRAPOL®-BT version as we reveal a few more details on the yet-to-be-released New CORRAPOL®-BT Ridge!!

    Need any technical reassurance or specific advice for your project? - Our team are always more than happy to help you with any queries so please Get in Touch!

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    Ronald Updated 22nd August 2022 at 09:31
    14th June 2022 at 12:34 No i am ok - just looking to see how if I’ve done the job correctly bit late for instructions but yes the job has been successfully finished to a good standard Reply to this comment

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    22nd August 2022 at 09:31

    No problems Ronald! Yes, the Corrapol Corrugated Roof sheets are straight forward to install, especially if installed with our Rock N lock Flashings. Great to hear your project went well!

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