• How to Install ALUKAP®-XR Endstop Bar

    How to Install ALUKAP®-XR Endstop Bar

    How to Install ALUKAP<sup>®</sup>-XR Endstop Bar


    ALUKAP®-XR Endstop bar is one of the most essential components to ensure the long lifespan of a roofing project; but do you know how to install it?

    Creating a water-resistant seal at the end of your AXIOME® Multiwall Polycarbonate sheets is crucial due to the vulnerability to moisture ingress at this point in the roof - ALUKAP®-XR Endstop bar is the answer! When installed correctly, our ALUKAP®-XR Endstop bar can massively help to reduce water ingress, mould growth and condensation, thus extending the lifespan of your roof.

    Being manufactured from robust corrosion-free aluminium makes our ALUKAP®-XR Endstop bar very durable unlike many other PVC drip trim and C section options, which tend to go brittle and degrade far too quickly!

    The simple design of our ALUKAP®-XR Endstop makes it so easy for anyone to install; Distributor, Tradesmen or DIYer! Simply follow these steps to cap off the ends of your sheets and provide a waterproof seal…

    How to Install ALUKAP®-XR: Steps

    1. Safety First – Always wear the correct PPE to avoid injury

    2. Colour match the ALUKAP®-XR Endstop bar to your AXIOME® Multiwall polycarbonate sheets, or glass panes. (Remember: Other than our standard White and Brown colours we can powder coat our ALUKAP® range to any bespoke RAL colour to match your project!)

    3. Pull the AXIOME® Multiwall Polycarbonate sheet film back partway, approx. 100mm, on both sides of your sheets

    4. Trim the ALUKAP®-XR Anti-dust Filter Tape to the width of your sheets and apply, ensuring it is securely wrapped around both sides. (Note: If it is necessary to join the tape mid-panel, ensure that there is a minimum 25mm overlap.)

    5. Cut the ALUKAP®-XR Endstop Bar to size, to fit the width of your roofing sheets

    6. Push-fit the Endstop Bar on partway so the open edge of the Endstop just covers about 10-15mm of the roofing sheets

    7. Run a bead of compatible silicone along the edge of the Endstop bar and Anti-dust Filter Tape. (Note: Compatible sealant = Low Modulus Neutral Cure (LMN) Silicone)

    8. Push the ALUKAP®-XR Endstop Bar fully into place, so that the leading-edge slides over the bead of sealant, creating a seal that helps to prevent capillary action

    9. Wipe off any excess sealant

    10. Finally, remember to then position the AXIOME® or roofing sheets on the roof with enough overhang on the bottom edge for any water to run into the gutter

    What tool should I use to push install ALUKAP®-XR Endstop Bar?

    Usually, ALUKAP®-XR Endstop bar can be simply installed by push-fitting with your hands, however, if your roofing sheets are a tighter fit the gentle use of a rubber mallet is recommended.

    What other steps help prevent moisture from getting into the AXIOME® Polycarbonate sheet flutes?

    Other than installing Endstop bar another very important step is to ensure your AXIOME® Multiwall Polycarbonate sheets are stored in a clean and dry area for the time before your roof installation starts.

    Are ALUKAP®-XR Endstop Bars needed for the structural integrity of a roof?

    Yes, if you are using the full ALUKAP®-XR Bar System the Endstop is key. This is because when used with the ALUKAP®-XR Glazing bars they help create a frame to seal the glazing material and reduce any risk of slippage. This proves as effective as any anchor system which is often complicated, expensive and awkward to install.

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