• How to Install Roof Fixing Buttons | Alukap®-XR

    How to Install Roof Fixing Buttons | Alukap®-XR

    How to Install Roof Fixing Buttons | Alukap<sup>®</sup>-XR

    Across roof projects every year, DIYers and installers alike experience challenges with wind uplift and sheet sag on roofs with wider rafter centres, however, through correct installation our Alukap®-XR Roof Fixing Buttons this can be avoided!

    Furthermore, with an increase in extreme weather patterns in the UK roof fixing buttons help protect against snow loading and other weathers!

    Our Video Team have created this How2 guide to show how, where and when to install Alukap®-XR Fixing Buttons on your Lean-to roof. As the manufacturers of Alukap®-XR we can assist with any queries you may have on your roofing project so please get in touch with any of our team, simply drop us a message on live chat!


    So, how do you install roof fixing buttons? To install your ALUKAP®-XR Roof Fixing Buttons correctly simply follow the below steps...

    How to Install ALUKAP®-XR Roof Fixing Buttons - Steps:

    1. Safety First – Always wear the correct PPE to avoid injury

    2. Match the Alukap®-XR Fixing buttons colour to the glazing bars on your roof

    3. Using a 12mm HSS drill bit, drill an oversized hole in preparation for the Fixing button. (Note: the hole should be approx. 2mm bigger than the Fixing Button shaft to allow for expansion)

    4. Cut off the small top cap and save for use later in the install

    5. Add the foam washer to the Fixing Button base, popping out the middle foam circle, and then place in position

    5. Screw down the Fixing Button using the fixing provided, making sure there is a firm seal on the glazing sheets

    6. Finally, snap on the small top cap to complete!


    Common ALUKAP®-XR questions:

    How many ALUKAP®-XR Fixing Buttons are required per sheet?
    The quantity of Fixing Buttons required on a roof can vary massively depending on a wide range of factors including roof structure, sheet sizes, location and more! As an approximate rule of thumb, fixing buttons are required where the length of the roof is long and/or the rafter centres are wide and you will require approx. 5+ per glazing sheet.

    What colours are ALUKAP®-XR Fixing Buttons available in?
    Our Alukap®-XR Fixing Buttons are manufactured in white and brown as standard.

    Are Alukap®-XR Fixing Buttons only designed for use with timber rafters?
    Alukap®-XR Fixing Buttons are designed primarily for use with timber rafters being supplied with timber screws to suit; however, they can be used with any material rafter, steel, aluminium and more, when installed with suitable bespoke screws!

    Are different Alukap®-XR Fixing Buttons required with different thicknesses of Axiome® multiwall polycarbonate sheets?
    No, our fixing buttons are suitable for a wide range of Axiome® multiwall thicknesses. If you require longer screws for your rafters or roof design simply source these from a local hardware store and swap them over with the screws supplied.

    Note: The installation of fixing buttons is not necessarily recommended for every roof, due to the risk of condensation issues when installed, even correctly, and so should only be installed where the roof length or width requires. Condensation arising from fixing button installation is an accepted phenomenon due to the installation process on penetrating the middle of the sheet’s flutes.

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