• Once in a Generation… A Market Changes Forever

    Once in a Generation… A Market Changes Forever

    Once in a Generation… A Market Changes Forever

    When our Research & Development Teams completed the years of work to innovate the Aluflow® Gutter System, we realised that the Guttering market is to change forever.

    It wasn’t initially why we decided to manufacture an aluminium guttering system, but as we discovered Aluflow® with its combined high quality, install speed and affordability we knew this was going to be one of those ‘Once-in-a-Generation’ moments when the market for guttering would change dramatically, for the better, forever.

    Read how this story started and how this breakthrough happened. Alternatively, you can scroll down to a Summary of the 7 Best Guttering Advantages

    Why do Market’s Change Forever?

    All markets are constantly changing as technologies and needs evolve. However, once in a generation, a market changes forever with an irreversible and seismic shift.

    Take, for example, Kodak films who in 1996 had revenues of $16bn, only to lose most of that market to the innovation of the Digital Camera, forever. The Digital Camera itself then became nearly extinct within just a few years with the rapid and dramatic shift to high-quality cameras on smartphones. The market was changed forever.

    Another less digital example was when Dyson finally perfected the design of the bagless vacuum cleaner. In the preceding decades, Hoover was such a strong household brand, that the brand ‘Hoover’ had become a verb in most people’s vocabulary. However, without this bagless feature, now the very existence of Hoover came under threat. Dyson’s sales rose, reaching £1bn by 2011 and scaling to almost £6bn by 2020.. The bagless vacuum cleaner became another ‘once-in-a-generation’ market change that was to be forever.

    And now more on gutters and why this latest once-in-a-generation system is changing the guttering market forever.

    Why the Guttering Market Is Changing Forever?

    Since the 1970’s the guttering market has been dominated largely by plastic gutter systems. This was mainly due to the relatively low price point compared to the traditional cast iron.

    Everyone kind of understood that the use of a relatively flimsy plastic to manufacture gutters was a bad idea, but the only other option was cast iron which was high-maintenance and expensive.

    Throughout the following decades, companies tried and failed to bring out alternatives that would break this domination, with one motive; to provide a stronger and longer-lasting solution than the cheap and brittle PVC gutters which creak, fade, crack and cannot handle significant storms or snow loads.

    The products that met the quality threshold, were difficult and time-consuming to install, and furthermore, they were usually 8 to 10 times the price.

    Frustrated with these conflicting issues, Clear Amber Group Research and Development Teams have been developing Aluflow for over ten years. Our goal was simple… To make a high-quality gutter system, designed to last, but which was also fast and easy to install… but affordability was not an initial part of the plan.

    Finally, after many design trials and several failed attempts, a system evolved that met our goal with these two criteria we had set…

    Next, was time to review the affordability piece – was it even possible?

    What we didn’t realise was that in developing this patented system to be fast to install and at the same time extremely strong, we had inadvertently created significant manufacturing savings…

    This was the moment we realised that Aluflow aluminium guttering system is truly a once-in-a-generation gutter system that is changing the guttering market forever.

    There is now no need to waste money on flimsy plastic gutter systems that creak, crack and break; the PVC gutter domination is over and Aluflow aluminium gutter is delivering significant benefits of superior strength and longevity at an affordable price.

    It is expected that because of this breakthrough, more than 68% of the guttering market will become aluminium guttering in just a matter of a few years.

    Summary of the 7 Best Guttering Advantages

    1. Strength: You want to make sure your gutter is strong enough for storms, snow loading, the occasion accidental hit from a football, and even a pair of ladders (where it’s safe to do so). Aluflow is made from aluminium and offers incredible strength for almost any circumstance of application.

    2. Longevity: Aluminium gutters are estimated to have a 60-year lifespan. The trouble with plastic gutters is that the plastic becomes brittle and easily breaks. Conversely, other metal gutters like cast iron gutters tend to rust. However, an aluminium gutter system doesn’t rust and stays robust for many years.

    3. Speed & Ease of Installation: If you ask anyone who has fitted gutters before, the brackets are a nightmare; trying to clip them in one by one without breaking them or hurting yourself is challenging. Aluflow Rock N Lock system allows you to fit all the brackets and then simply ‘Rock N Lock’ the gutter into place.

    4. Affordability: It’s not recommended to buy cheap plastic gutters that will easily break, but you also don’t want to spend a fortune on expensive gutters either. Aluflow is designed so that the manufacturing processes reduce the cost to an affordable level, whilst maintaining the highest quality aluminium gutter system.

    5. Colour Options: You’re probably sick of the standard white, black or grey colours? Why not take advantage of getting your gutters manufactured in any RAL colour of your choice? Aluflow is manufactured in any RAL colour with no minimum order quantity.

    6. Recyclability: You may think that as Aluflow lasts so long then this doesn’t matter as much? However, even with an estimated lifespan of 60 years we still want to know that future generations can recycle Aluflow 100% helping to reduce the impact on our environment.

    7. On-Time: This may seem a strange advantage to mention, but you’d be amazed at how long you have to wait for delivery on many non-plastic gutter systems. With Aluflow, no matter what Distributor you buy through, you can be assured of rapid delivery to any address globally. With Quality and Affordability already sorted, we also make sure that your delivery is as fast as possible allowing you to complete your projects on time.

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