• Aluflow Aluminium Guttering System… Coming Soon

    Aluflow Aluminium Guttering System… Coming Soon

    Aluflow Aluminium Guttering System… Coming Soon

    After years of R&D and countless hours of testing, we’re pleased to announce the upcoming release of another market game-changer: Aluflow®.

    Aluflow aluminium guttering is the result of long-held frustrations around the current guttering market and gutter options. Everyone from installers to homeowners knows that despite its popularity plastic guttering is really only purchased for its low cost. It degrades fast, discolours, cracks and goes brittle, offering little in the way of benefits.

    What if there was another guttering solution that offered a long life span, quality and at only marginally more cost? Aluflow® delivers just that.

    Why is Aluflow such a Game-Changer?

    Beyond the obvious strength benefits of aluminium, the Aluflow guttering system revolutionises both the installation process and design of traditional guttering.

    Firstly, Aluflow makes installation very easy. With our hallmark Rock N Lock® methodology, the Aluflow gutter and brackets have a straightforward install process. What’s more, once installed, the gutter brackets are concealed.
    With hidden gutter brackets, the front elevation of Aluflow is kept clean and stylish. No unsightly plastic clips are required. This game-changing design offers a drastically improved aesthetic overall.

    To keep this clean style consistent, we also incorporated hidden unions that ensure joins are kept low profile and behind the front face.

    With its state-of-the-art design and superior functionality, Aluflow offers numerous advantages over traditional gutter systems. Its launch marks a significant milestone in the rainwater market.

    When is Aluflow Being Launched?

    We’re excited to announce that Aluflow is in the final stages of Product Launch and will be available in the coming weeks.

    To be kept updated with the official launch simply add a comment to this article or send an email using the link below.

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    What is Aluflow Guttering Made From?

    Manufactured from aluminium, the Aluflow gutter is inherently robust. When compared to plastic, which goes brittle or the steel that rusts, Aluflow aluminium guttering is a head above the rest. Its durability will ensure a class-leading lifespan compared to any alternatives. This means fewer replacement installations and less waste.

    We also choose aluminium for its sustainability. Did you know that aluminium can be recycled indefinitely without losing its quality? It is the green choice for metals and that’s just another winning characteristic Aluflow will have.
    That’s what Aluflow is all about. Sustainable Affordable Quality.

    Calling All Distributors

    As always, we will be in close contact regarding the official launch date and when Aluflow® is ready for despatch. The system is in the final stages of our manufacturing – We will be in touch very soon!

    With the Aluflow® launch, we will also be supporting Distributors with a full Distributors’ Pack. All these resources will help you provide your customers with the most powerful product experience and buying journey, helping you continue to expand and grow.

    Meantime, keep your eyes peeled for further updates as they are released… there are more features to come.

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