• Hygiclad Air : Product Launch

    Hygiclad Air : Product Launch

    Hygiclad Air : Product Launch

    Hygiclad–Air is a new product being manufactured to assist our Distributors to gain sales where their customers’ budget constraints are limiting projects. The Hygiclad standard sheet range continues to grow due to its superior and necessary high quality. However where a larger area, lower maintenance, or lower traffic area is specified, Clear Amber has developed Hygiclad-Air as a cost effective solution allowing our Distributors’ clients to gain a leading advantage.

    So what is the difference between Hygiclad and Hygiclad-Air…? As the name suggests Hygiclad-Air is a lighter weight sheet meaning that that it is both easier to install and also a lower price point. For heavy traffic areas we still recommend the standard Hygiclad due to its inherent strength and durability, but having added Hygiclad-Air to the range we are finding that it provides our Distributors the ability to help their clients win every contract by being able to compete at both ends or the cost spectrum and all applications.

    Clear Amber has manufactured stock of Hygiclad-Air now ready for immediate despatch to our Distributors.

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