• Corrapol update: Increasing Production

    Corrapol update: Increasing Production

    Corrapol update: Increasing Production

    Corrapol is a product that is completely unique. It looks similar to most other clear corrugated sheet, only instead of having the horrible blue tint of inferior sheets, it is properly clear. What sets Corrapol corrugated sheet apart is that we extrude it from virtually unbreakable resin that also has a UV protection layer on it.

    So what does this mean…? Well our Distributors found that when they mentioned corrugated sheet to their clients, they had used other types of corrugated sheets and found that they discoloured, became brittle and cracked up, often blown off by the wind within a very short period of time! – NOT WITH CORRAPOL! – After Distributors explained the differences to their clients that Corrapol is UV protected and virtually unbreakable, the response from customer feedback has been immense! Comments such as “it’s so strong you can literally put in on the floor and jump on it and it won’t break”….and…. “My last corrugated sheets ripped of the roof by the wind within weeks, but the Corrapol has stayed there through everything”

    Clear Amber has found that the rising demand has outstripped our original manufacturing production plan, so we have responded fast by increasing production massively so that we have trebled the quantity in stock ready for immediate despatch to our Distributors.

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