• Fit Show 2017 Brings Distributor Growth

    Fit Show 2017 Brings Distributor Growth

    Fit Show 2017 Brings Distributor Growth

    We would like to thank everybody who attended FIT Show 2017 for making it such a successful three days. We could not have anticipated the amount of visitors on our stand and hope that everybody had a chance to speak with one of the team.

    We are highly appreciative of everybody that took the time to speak with one of our team members on the stand and our sales team are currently working their way through all live enquiries as we speak.

    One of the best bits of feedback we kept hearing was how fast our Distributors were growing with our latest products.

    We have always prided our brands on speaking for themselves with their quality of manufacturing however, it is always best when existing and potential distributors can see the quality for themselves in person. FIT Show 2017 enabled us to showcase each of the ALUKAP®-XR, ALUKAP-®SS, AXGARD® and AXIOME® brands to the leaders of the industry with highly positive results.

    If you wish to get it touch with us following the show please do not hesitate to contact us.

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