• AXIOME® Multiwall Glazing and Roofing Sheets

    AXIOME® Multiwall Glazing and Roofing Sheets

    AXIOME<sup>®</sup> Multiwall Glazing and Roofing Sheets


    Our Axiome® Multiwall Glazing and Roofing Sheets are manufactured with many qualities making them the perfect lightweight and high strength roofing solution. Common uses for our Axiome® Roof sheets include the following areas:

    • Commercial roof glazing
    • Covered areas, such as pergolas
    • Acoustic barriers
    • Orangeries and Conservatories
    • Greenhouses
    • Shelters
    • BBQ Areas
    • Children’s Play areas
    • Covered walkways

    With an excellent lifespan, Axiome® glazing sheets are manufactured from high-quality polycarbonate resin to ensure long-lasting durability. The resin used in the extrusion process of Axiome® Multiwall is approximately 200 times the strength of glass of the same thickness and is generally recognised as virtually unbreakable, providing excellent strength properties. Furthermore, a UV protection layer on the surface of the Axiome® sheets protects them from degrading, discolouring or becoming brittle, to provide maximum clarity over many years.

    All of our Axiome® Polycarbonate Roofing sheets have excellent light transmission meaning they allow high levels of light into the area below the glazing giving your project a nice airy feel. We manufacture Axiome® Sheets in three main tints to give a range of varying visual and physical properties. To find out which tint would be best for your project, please have a read of our guide linked below

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    Because of the box profile design of Axiome® Multiwall Sheets, they provide an excellent strength-to-weight ratio making them a perfect choice for roof glazing. The sheets are available in seven different thicknesses from 4mm to 35mm, providing a solution that can be used for almost any roof glazing application. Typically, thinner gauges are ideal for smaller span applications and where curved design structures are required, such as greenhouses. In comparison, the thicker gauges provide a more rigid solution for greater spans, for applications like canopies, pergolas and decking covers!

    Axiome® Multiwall Roof Glazing sheets are easy to install meaning anyone with a little DIY experience can use them; this makes them ideal for commercial projects requiring onsite speed and also a wide range of home projects! Unlike some other clear roof sheets, Axiome® Roof sheets are easy to work with and can be cut to size using a fine-tooth jigsaw or circular saw, with a slow feed rate and maximum revolution speed. For the full Axiome® Installation Guide please follow the link at the bottom of this article!

    The recommended installation method for Axiome® is with glazing bars, sometimes called joining bars, and we also manufacture a range of these to suit different budgets and applications. Our main Axiome® compatible glazing bar ranges are:

    Alukap®-SS Aluminium Self Supporting Glazing Bars

    Alukap®-XR Aluminium Rafter Supported Glazing Bars

    Snapa® PVC Snap fix Budget Glazing Bars

    Our team are always happy to assist you with any queries specific to your project so please Get in Touch!


    We have just launched the second in our range of Brand overview videos designed to cover the top products and their benefits. Our latest video on our AXIOME® Multiwall Roofing Sheets highlights all the benefits that will be important to our Distributor’s customers.

    With great feedback from the last video, we are certain that this AXIOME® product video will prove to be another great asset to our Distributors and their customers. We will be back in touch with further product videos as each one is released.

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