• Roof Lantern Connectors

    Roof Lantern Connectors

    Roof Lantern Connectors

    Following recent feedback from our Joinery Sector Distributors, we are happy to announce that we have commissioned the manufacture of two new ALUKAP®-XR aluminium castings for timber roof lantern glazing connectors. These unique designed ALUKAP®-XR roof lantern caps will allow for easy glazing of both pinnacle and double hip end style hardwood roof lanterns, providing an aesthetically pleasing finish and fast installation.

    By using the current ALUKAP®-XR Hip bar as a roof lantern ridge we are able to use these new connectors to not only improve the weatherproofing, but also reduce the costs for hardwood roof lanterns overall.

    These additions to the ALUKAP®-XR range is a further statement to our support for our Distributors, providing a higher-quality, lower-cost solution with an improved finished project.

    If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below…

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