• Hardwood Lantern Glazing Caps

    Hardwood Lantern Glazing Caps

    Hardwood Lantern Glazing Caps

    The NEW ALUKAP®-XR hardwood lantern glazing caps have generated incredible interest since they were launched earlier this month. Any hardwood manufacturer trying to create a hardwood roof lantern with aluminium roof cappings will know how important these connectors are, in order to make a watertight and aesthetically pleasing finish.

    The new ALUKAP®-XR caps are shown in this short video in standard white and brown powder coated finish, however we can also manufacture them for our Distributors in any RAL colour your Customers require.

    When coupled with ALUKAP®-XR bars, these caps allow for a fully aluminium roof glazing system for hardwood roof lanterns, allowing the Hip Bar to be used as a Lantern Ridge making a very cost effective rafter-top aluminium glazing system.

    We are continuing to develop further new products like these for our Distributors to provide continuous and leading advantages for them and their Customers with significant and innovative benefits

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