• Snap Down Glazing Bars

    Snap Down Glazing Bars

    Snap Down Glazing Bars

    Budget snap down glazing bars continue to be highly popular for a low cost glazing bar solution when fixing on top of timber rafters. We have been working to develop and manufacture our new SNAPA® glazing bar to provide our Distributors with a system that includes a stronger profile and suits a wider range of thicknesses.

    As PVC Snap fix glazing bars are a budget solution, we have worked hard to ensure that the benefits of the newly manufactured SNAPA® system are produced and delivered at no extra cost. Where a longer lasting solution is required, or where you have a more complex roof glazing application we still recommend the full Alukap®-XR aluminium glazing bar system that provides a powder coated finish and a full range of gable bars, wall bars and much more.

    We have developed the new SNAPA® snap down system to work with almost any thickness of multiwall polycarbonate, including 10mm, 16mm, 25mm, 32mm and 35mm thicknesses of Axiome sheet. Where you are glazing glass units or single glazed glass, we would recommend using the ALUKAP®-XR system.

    SNAPA® glazing bars now come with co-extruded gaskets on upper and lower profiles meaning less installation time for our Distributors’ Fitters, at the same time as providing a neater finish internal at the gasket abutment area.

    The benefits that SNAPA® brings to the snap down glazing bar market offer a further benefit for our Distributors and their Customers, offering improved aesthetics and added usability. Why not get in contact for samples or more information, using the comments or links below.

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