• Largest manufactured range of corrugated sheets

    Largest manufactured range of corrugated sheets

    Largest manufactured range of corrugated sheets

    We have been manufacturing extruded Corrugated CORRAPOL® sheets for many years, and over recent months had noticed and increasing demand for a wider range. We have been working with our production teams to increase the range and now have what we believe to be one of the largest manufactured ranges of corrugated sheet, supporting our Distributors with a corrugated plastic sheet for a huge range of project types.

    CORRAPOL® Stormproof

    Available in a high and low profiles, CORRAPOL® Stormproof is the highest quality corrugated sheet in our manufactured range. Providing the longest life span with high impact resistance and UV protection against discolouration, this sheet is suitable for nearly all types or roofing projects.


    CORRAPOL®-PVC is a DIY grade corrugated sheeting designed with cost saving projects in mind. Although PVC corrugated sheets are at the lower end in terms of longevity, they benefit from being lightweight and easy to install.


    Polyester corrugated sheets have long been used in the industry for its high rigidity and weather proofing capabilities. In areas of low sunlight, CORRAPOL®-GRP is a perfect solution for large cover areas.


    Bitumen corrugated sheets are one of the most popular options in the market for easy installation and lightweight properties. With great weather proofing properties, CORRAPOL®-BT is available in four colours with ridge connectors, corrugated eaves fillers and fixing buttons accessories to suit.

    We will also soon be launching a new updated CORRAPOL® brochure including technical data and fitting instructions to further support our Distributors with these new product launches. Be sure to message us using the comments or links below for your copy of the new brochure when it is ready.

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