• AXIOME Intense Fire Test Video

    AXIOME Intense Fire Test Video

    AXIOME Intense Fire Test Video

    Our manufacturing process of AXIOME® sheet is well proven for its quality over many years. Recently whilst renewing some of our technical testing it occurred to us that many of our Distributors may not be aware of how rigorously and intensely we test our products. We thought you might be interested in watching some of the footage from the video recording showing a fire test on AXIOME® multiwall polycarbonate.

    AXIOME® and AXGARD® are manufactured from polycarbonate resin which has a melting point of around 120 degrees Centigrade. In this test AXIOME® sheet was tested at an intense temperature with a direct flame source positioned on to one end of the sheet. You can see in this test that, whilst the sheet melts and burns under the direct flame source, once the source flame is no longer present the sheet does not continue burn on its own and the fire dies. The reason this is important is that it shows how the AXIOME® sheet itself will not burn and spread fire. In this test AXIOME® received a fire rating of BS476 Part 7 Class 1/0 which is an excellent result.

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