• Introducing SWIFT...

    Introducing SWIFT...

    Introducing SWIFT...

    At ClearAmber we realise that in these unprecedented times there are many critical needs and some of our Distributors, and their customers, will be urgent for supplies for important projects, both for home repairs and COVID19 protection projects.

    That is why we are pleased to launch our SWIFT program to give a priority delivery option, for extra special fast-tracking through manufacturing, production and distribution, for those orders that just can’t wait for standard delivery. Our new SWIFT Service covers our complete standard range, which extends to very large and bulky items.

    There are very significant costs for ClearAmber to offer this fast-tracking service through every department, however, in these unprecedented times when many critical projects have arisen, with SWIFT, our Distributors can now choose to upgrade and get priority for especially urgent orders by opting for either of our SWIFT or SWIFT+ options.

    All you need to do is select the SWIFT or SWIFT+ service at the time of placing your order and we will do the rest!

    After a short trial of SWIFT and SWIFT+ we have found that they are becoming increasingly popular and we are pleased to support people in need across the globe with this extra level of service.

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