• New Snap Fix Wall Glazing Bars | Snapa®

    New Snap Fix Wall Glazing Bars | Snapa®

    New Snap Fix Wall Glazing Bars | Snapa<sup>®</sup>


    Finally, a proper wall glazing bar.

    After months of trials and testing, our R&D team are pleased to release the all-new Snapa Wall Bar! The world’s first proper snap-fix wall bar is designed with the installer in mind with a simple two-part design removing all the fiddling workarounds of the past!

    The Snapa Wall Glazing Bar creates a clean flat surface to flash over and seal against your wall abutment saving to hassle of cutting in lead and moulding around a standard bar. This provides extra waterproofing and leak protection to stop drips running down the side of your wall and protect a crucial area of the roof.

    To reduce installation hassle on-site, we manufacture the Snapa Wall Bar with Co-Extruded gaskets which improve the waterproof seal onto the roofing sheets you are installing.

    Designed to match the clean and smart style of our Snapa® Lean-to Glazing Bars and Snapa Gable Bars, the Snapa Wall Bar maintain an atheistically consistent look to give every project a professional finish.

    As with all our glazing bars in the Snapa Glazing Bar range, the snap down installation of the new Snapa Wall Bar makes the installation fast with a simple snap fix to secure your polycarbonate roofing sheets.

    This polycarbonate glazing bar is perfect for a wide range of thicknesses from our Axiome Multiwall Polycarbonate sheeting range, including our most popular 10m and, 16mm thicknesses, amongst others! The clean white colour of Snapa Glazing bars makes them ideal for installation with our Clear Axiome sheets and Opal Axiome Sheets to create an impressive overall appearance.


    Want to know everything you will need for your Snapa® roof?

    Below is a simple exploded graphic that shows you exactly what goes where on a Snapa® Lean-To or Pergola Roof!

    Snapa Glazing Bar Lean To Pergola Roof










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