• Triple Product Drop

    Triple Product Drop

    Triple Product Drop


    With huge pre-production interest and orders for our new products, we are pleased to announce that we have now completed the manufacturing of three of the new products as follows…

    Over past weeks and months our R&D Team have been working tirelessly along with our Manufacturing Teams to bring concepts through to completion on several of our new innovations. The Journey from prototype to perfection in production is rewarding and today we have a breakthrough…

    We are excited to release the…

    ALUKAP®-XR Ridge Top Channel Clip
    With this latest innovation we are manufacturing, to finish a glazing bar ridge, you can now simply cut the new ALUKAP®-XR Ridge Top Channel Clip to the same length as the ALUKAP®-XR Ridge you are installing, and then gently tap it in to place with a rubber mallet as shown on this ALUKAP®-XR Ridge Video.

    All-New ALUKAP®-SS Post and Brackets System
    This improvement brings the optimal combination of system strength, faster and easier installation, and product aesthetics, adding further improvements to the ALUKAP®-SS system, on our journey of continuous product improvement! Find out more in this ALUKAP®-SS Posts Video.

    CORRAPOL®-BT Rock n’ Lock Side Flashing Kit
    The new CORRAPOL®-BT Rock n’ Lock Side Flashing means you can now simply Rock n’ Lock the new aluminium side flashing on to the side of the CORRAPOL®-BT sheets to give a colour matched perfect weatherproof finish to the side of a corrugated roof. Find out more in this CORRAPOL®-BT Rock n' Lock Video.

    All three of these are now manufactured and ready for immediate dispatch …Get in touch now!

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